October 18, 2019

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Gilbert Baker, Creator of Rainbow PRIDE FLAG Dies

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Thank you Gilbert Baker

What started in 1978 in San Francisco, then New York and Los Angles, became by the early nineties, the symbol of LGBT unity world wide. The Flag is the Visual banner we recognize, a Symbol of strength and Proclaimed that our community has power.

The use of colours from nature was important to Gilbert’s master piece. According to Gilbert Baker, all the colours represent inclusion. The first flag had eight colours and morphed into the 6 colours, which we see used by Pride events around the world. A visual symbol of protest undeniably linked to the LGBT movement.

Twitter Photo from Cleve Jones

The flag is used in LGBT communities everywhere, large corporations like Google and Facebook use the flag to show support for LGBT equality. The Pride Parade marchers who were attacked with water cannons and rubber bullets in Turkey were carrying the Pride Flag. The flag has translated across cultures and languages.

Gilbert Baker was born in Kansas in 1951. Living in San Francisco during the early 70’s, while serving in the U.S. Military, at time that coincides with the start of the gay rights movement.

Gilbert Baker at MOMA, photo via: panorama

The First hand sewn flag created by Gilbert Baker was used by Harvey Milk during the Gay Freedom Day Parade in 1978, months later Harvey Milk was assassinated. The flag became a rallying symbol for community.

Gilbert Baker died Thursday night, March 30, 2017, in his sleep while at his home in New York City. He was 65.


Post source : CBC, Youtube, Rolling Stone, Take Part, LGBTQ Nation

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