October 17, 2018

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Vancouver’s, Walk This Sway: Dreams do Come True

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Making Your Dreams a Reality

This Saturday will mark Walk This Sway’s 6th Anniversary, and what a fabulous journey it has been according to Tatiana Sway, the one of a kind Vancouver couture boutique’s Director of Fun. Last month Walk This Sway moved to a much larger showroom, and it’s still in the original building. Moving from a smaller boutique, to one that is three times the size, the selection and ambiance will please any client.

Walk This Sway, is a house of design, couture, and fun. The quality and attention paid to creating stunning dresses, gowns, and even a three piece suit for an iconic drag queen, is a result of skilled designers. Tatiana credits the success of Walk This Sway to the designers and interns who make the place what it is. With a beaming smile, Tatiana talks about her proteges, peers, fellow designers such as Celestial Seasons and her original designs, Nancy Loung with her amazing custom designs, and Designer Bryan Martin who brings his skills as the former assistant to Roxanne Nikki, a high end couture label.

Tatiana (right) talking with designer Bryan Martin

The Ultimate in Respect and Privacy, Anyone can Live their Dream

Walk This Sway caters to everyone. Transgender people, cross dressers, female impersonators, including some famous Drag Queens, and cisgender men and women. Appointments are arranged over the telephone or through Walk This Sway’s website. If it’s going to be your first time dressing up for example, you can be guaranteed complete discretion, respect, privacy, support, and of course fun.

For some people, the thought of going into the mall to find the perfect dress is a horrifying prospect, and there is no shortage of stories about men being thrown out of ladies shops. At Walk This Sway, you just can’t walk right in. You arrange your visit in advance, and once you step through that door, especially if it’s your first time in a boutique as unique as this, you will instantly feel safe. Because of the location and security, 24 access is possible, and a no obligation visit to the showroom usually lasts about 90 minutes, unless of course you book Diamond Service. See Madge below for details.

The showroom is private, has a 40 foot runway, is set up to act as a photo shoot location, has a large inventory of designs and colours to choose from, and every effort is made to make you feel comfortable and bring the you out of you. Tatiana stresses that every effort is made to ensure the client takes part in the creative, so in the end the client has the look they felt inside.

Wigs, hats, shoes up to 15+, dresses up to 30+, accessories galore, jewelry, advise on walking,  and professional makeovers are a sampling of what to expect. Walk This Sway offers a private 3 hour workshop where “you will be able to build your confidence in heels” says, Tatiana.

Madge at Walk This Sway

The Fabulous Madge, darling


Showroom mascot, Madge, invites you to a Diamond Affair darling.

Imagine being picked up in a limousine, for a one of a kind, not available anywhere else, Diamond Affair. You are whisked away from your home, hotel, or airport, and taken to the Showroom, where you will experience the royal treatment in selecting your attire, assisted with styling, and finishing on the runway, including a photo shoot. The Ultimate pampering you really do deserve.

Connect with Tatiana on Facebook or visit Walk This Sway online.

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