October 18, 2019

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Daytripping cyclists can crank up historic, scenic Sechelt, Sunshine Coast

Photo Credit To Maggie Wong, The Province

The 34-kilometre trek from the Langdale Ferry Terminal to Sechelt is a mix of meandering local roads dotted with cottages and rolling highway with a separate bike path.

Along the way you can enjoy beaches, public art and a sunny patio on the shores of Sechelt Inlet and — with a maximum elevation of just 144 metres — it’s a day trip suitable for all but novice riders. During July and August, dozens of cyclists arrive from Horseshoe Bay every morning.

When you leave the ferry, take a left at the first traffic light and pedal four kilometres through historic Hopkins and Grathams Landing.

As you pull through lower Gibsons, you’ll see the world famous Molly’s Reach Restaurant, home of CBC’s long-running Beachcombers TV series. Catch your breath, take a selfie in front of the iconic Welcome Back sign and then head up School Road, the first serious climb of the day at roughly one kilometre. There’s a separate bike lane, so you won’t be holding up traffic.

Bike paths line the road through the upper Gibsons business district all the way out of town to the Lower Road exit. There’s an interesting old graveyard at the junction, if you are into that sort of thing. Roberts Creek is home to the funky Gumboot Cafe, a popular morning hangout for locals and tourists with a selection of coffee, cookies, muffins and scones. Fuel up and head down to the beach to view the Roberts Creek Mandala, a huge mural that’s hand-painted every summer by the community.

Take quiet Beach Avenue past the summer homes and beach cottages on your way to Davis Bay, where low tide reveals a long sandy beach and most days you can grab a bite at the Best Filipino Food truck. The wharf is often crowded with fishermen and tourists.

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Post source : Randy Shore, The Province

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