Online Roulette in Canada 2022

Online Roulette in Canada 2022

Online roulette games are an exciting casino option for Canadian players looking for thrills and a quick way to win big. Among the most popular casino games, online roulette offers great payout potential and has the reputation of being one of the most lucrative table games.

For new players, this game is a fantastic way to get used to the online gaming scene, as its rules are simple and bets can bring significant winnings. Since most of the best casinos offer this game, we have put together a complete guide that will allow you to play roulette online like a pro.

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What exactly is roulette?

Roulette was invented by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century. It is about a croupier who spins a wheel. Each individual slot or pocket on the wheel is numbered and is either black or red. The game starts once the dealer spins a ball in the opposite direction of the wheel. While the wheel is spinning, players have the opportunity to place their bets according to the pocket in which they think the ball will land. Players can continue betting until the dealer lets them know that they are no longer accepting bets.

Once the wheel stops spinning and the ball lands in a particular slot, this determines the winning bet.

While online gambling has taken off, one of the most popular casino games in the world has also taken off. When you play online roulette, you, as a player, spin the wheel. However, if you are playing a live roulette game, the experience will be as if you were playing in a land-based casino.

The roulette wheel

As we mentioned above, the most standard roulette wheels have squares numbered from 0 to 36. Depending on the version of roulette you are playing, these numbers vary. The original roulette had 25 squares and zero and double zero slots. When playing online roulette at an online casino, players will probably see variations with 37 and 38 pockets.

The roulette table

When you play roulette online or in person, this is where the players place their bets. You decide where you think the ball will end up in the roulette wheel and place your bet there on the table. The more accurate your bet is, the higher your payout, that is, betting on the red against betting on the double zero.

Roulette Wheel

Types of online roulette

There are many variations of online roulette that you can find in casinos, including a live roulette option. By far, the most popular versions are: European, American and French roulette. Each individual version of roulette, however, has its own special rules, such as "in prison" or "sharing it”.

In all casinos offering online roulette, you will find one or all of these variants :

Roulette Logo

European roulette

European roulette uses a wheel with 37 squares, the numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero. For this reason, it is called the single-zero roulette. He has a house edge of 2.70%. This is the game that is played in Monte Carlo and in most countries of the world.

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American roulette

American roulette uses a wheel with 38 squares, including the numbers 1-36, the 0 and the 00. For this reason, it is called double zero roulette. The house advantage on this variant is 5.26%. This is the game that is played in Las Vegas and all over North America.

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French roulette

French roulette uses a 37-pocket wheel, but includes special advertised bets. Many players call them French bets, because they have French names: Neighbors of the zero, Thirds of the cylinder and Orphans. This game has become famous in Monte Carlo and France, but is especially popular with big players from Central and Eastern Europe.

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Multi-wheel roulette

Up to 8 wheels can rotate in the multi-wheel caster. Players make bets that span all wheels and have the option to select as many wheels as they wish. Regardless of the number of wheels in play, they all reflect that of the European version with a single zero.

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Mini Roulette

There is not much unique about this variant of roulette, except - you guessed it - it is mini. Exactly how many minis can you ask for? A mini roulette wheel only goes from 0 to 12 (unlike the standard wheel which is from 0 to 36). Like its European counterpart, the mini roulette has only one zero. Playing for this variant is standard.

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If a casino uses the "share it" house rule, place equal parity bets on that game. The Split means that you only lose half of the bet when the ball stops on a zero slot. This means that the house advantage in European roulette is reduced to 1.35%.

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In prison

If a casino uses the house rules “in prison”, place equal bets in this game. When the ball lands on the zero square and the Prison rules are in effect, the bet is placed in prison for the next bet. If you win the next round, you win back the initial bet. If you lose, both bets are lost.

Players can enjoy their favorite online roulette games in two main ways, and they both have their advantages. The table below compares the advantages of playing roulette for free and playing roulette for real money for a player. Let's take a look :

How to play roulette online

When it comes to table games, the general rules for learning to play roulette are quite simple. As a player, you place a bet or a series of bets on the online roulette table. If you were in a land-based casino, you would buy chips from the dealer or the dealer to bet.

Roulette wheel with ball

Online roulette betting guide

The roulette table can be quite intimidating for some, as the betting options for players are quite extensive. Although it can be overwhelming, this element of online roulette is what makes things exciting for players. The table can give many ways to win, and you can take advantage of them if you understand how to place your bets correctly. The betting options range from low risk, to high risk and anywhere in between. With such a variety, players can feel comfortable and adapt their betting strategy to their risk tolerance. To keep things simple, we are going to discuss the two main categories of online roulette bets: Outdoor and Indoor

The outside bets

Outside bets are intended for the most risk-averse players, ready to give up a big payout in exchange for a better chance of winning. The concept of the outside bet is that a player does not bet money on a specific number, but rather on a certain category in which a number falls. These bets occur on the periphery of the table of numbers, hence the term "outside bet". Here are some of the most common categorical outside bets that you can make at an online roulette table :

Red vs. black

Players bet on the color of the selected number either red or black. The payout is 1:1 and is one of the most basic bets a player can make.

Even vs. odd

The players bet on the chosen number being odd or even. The payout is 1:1, but players should keep in mind that if the ball lands on slot 0 or 00, they lose their bet.

Low vs high

Players bet that the selected number will be low (1-18) or high (19-36). The payout is 1:1, but players must once again keep in mind that if the ball lands on slot 0 or 00, they lose their bet.


The players place their bet on one of the three series of 12 numbers. The first group contains the numbers (1-12), the second contains (13-24) and the third contains (25-36). If the selected number belongs to the group on which you bet, you receive a payout of 2:1.


The players place their bet on one of the three boxes indicating “2:1”. Each square represents a column of 12 numbers on which the player bets. You will find these boxes usually at the bottom of the table. Players bet the same number of numbers as the Dozen bet, but the numbers are different.

The inside bets

Indoor bets are intended for players who are able to tolerate a little more risk in exchange for a larger win. The concept of the inside bet is that players bet on specific numbers in the inside section of the table, hence the term "inside bet". Here are the most common inside bets that you can make at an online roulette table :


Players place their bet on a single number. If this number is selected, the payout is 35:1. This is a very simple bet, but much more difficult to win.

Shared bet

Players place their bet on two adjacent numbers, such as 35 and 36. If the selected number is one of these two numbers, the payout is 17:1.

Street betting

Players place a bet at the end of a line that contains 3 numbers. If one of the three numbers is selected, the payout is 11:1.

Corner bet

The players place their bet at the corner where 4 numbers meet. Very similar to the street bet, but increases your chances of winning by one number and reduces the payout to 8:1.

Line bet

The players place their bet between two adjacent rows that each contain 3 numbers. The players now have 6 numbers that will bring them a winning bet, and the payout is 5:1.

Basic online roulette strategy and tips

When it comes to online roulette strategy, you won't find many roulette tactics that change the odds in your favor. There is no equivalent to card counting for roulette. One of the advantages of online roulette is that players don't have to learn a bunch of complicated rules.

Instead, players should consider several different things :

  • Their chances of winning with different types of bets and the betting structure of the game.
  • The different variants of the game and how they impact the odds.

These things may seem obvious, but when a game is almost entirely based on luck, it is important to know the ins and outs of the details over which you have control. If there's one thing you take away from this strategy section, it shouldn't be to rush your bets. That's the beauty of online gambling. You can take your time and think carefully about your next move.

As for the things that players should avoid, we also have some tips :

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Avoid progressive bets

Do not use progressive betting systems to play roulette, such as the Martingale system. The progressive bet consists of increasing the casino bet after each loss and resetting the base bet after a winning bet. Although these give the illusion that you will win after each betting sequence, it actually increases your risk of losing.

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Say no to betting systems

Your brother-in-law, cousin or neighbor may have an unbeatable combination of online roulette bets that he swears will work. They are mistaken. The same applies to all gambling experts who claim to have a betting system that ensures winnings when they play roulette in a casino.

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Don't look at the scoreboard

The electronic tally of online roulette shows players the numbers won during the last 10 to 20 spins. Ignore the scoreboard, because it makes no sense. Hot streaks and cold streaks are illusions. With a balanced roulette wheel (and most are balanced), each spin is independent of the other spins.

Best casinos for real money online roulette

Spin Casino

With a name like Spin Casino, it would be a shame not to offer players one of the best roulette experiences they can find in an online roulette casino. Fortunately, they do not disappoint. Spin Casino offers you the real Vegas roulette environment, with one of the best classic online roulette tables on the market. They also offer three different variants of the game: American, European and French, so that players have the opportunity to choose. Combine that with the $1,000 welcome bonus and you'd be hard pressed to find a better place to spin the casino's roulette.


Quality over quantity is the way 888Casino likes to work. What distinguishes this roulette casino from the lot is its unique vision of the classic game. In addition to all the traditional variants, they have exclusives on the theme of 3D roulette and pop culture. On top of everything else, 888Casino's wagering requirements for some roulette games are as cheap as $0.50 per bet. Thus, players can risk less and play more.

While some might be surprised to see a casino known for its slot machine games on this list, offers a surprising portfolio of roulette games. They offer several different games in the classic, American and European versions, and the site also offers a live table option. Although the casino is not as easily navigable as others, the variety of roulette games makes a very attractive option for roulette lovers.

The different ways to play online roulette

With the evolution of the casino industry, there are now more options than ever for players looking to play roulette online. As a player, you can play from your phone, tablet or computer.

Phone / Tablet

More and more casinos are catering to mobile players. In some cases, you can download a roulette or casino application to your phone and in almost all other cases, you can play online roulette directly through your phone's browser. Options exist for iOS and Android users.

Laptop / Desktop computer

PC/Mac users can download the casino software directly to their computer in some cases. Otherwise, they can play roulette at any casino through their browser. Most roulette casinos will work with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.

Does playing online make you feel more like playing a video game than playing at your favorite land-based casino? We have a solution for this. This is live dealer roulette.

Roulette with live dealer

We are big fans of live dealer casino games. The experience is very close to a player who is standing at a table at the casino, but in the comfort of his own sofa. Many of our top recommended casinos offer a live option, not only for online roulette, but also for many other games. Check out our Jackpot City Casino review to see their full catalog of live dealer games.

When it comes to live roulette, casinos usually do not hire staff to manage their live studio. Instead, they license a live casino provider like Evolution Gaming or Ezugi. These dealers spin real roulette wheels in the game studio somewhere in the world, which is broadcast live on the players' computer screens in real time.

Evolution Gaming Live offers many live gaming options for Canadian players. Apart from live roulette, Evolution offers live poker, blackjack and baccarat games. Evolution has studios in Riga, Latvia and Toronto. In order to meet the needs of the Canadian market, English and French options are generally available.

Dealer placing the ball into a roulette wheel.

Deposit options for online roulette

When it comes to playing popular roulette games, it is always important to know what your deposit options in any online casino. Below you will find some of our favorite options for players that are usually available at all the roulette casinos that we offer.

There are many banking options such as Interac, bank transfers and prepaid cards, the options that we have mentioned below are only the most common in roulette casinos.

Debit Cards


Debit cards and credit cards are the most popular banking options available at all the casinos we recommend. This deposit method is ideal for roulette players because it can usually be used for both deposits and withdrawals, which is not possible with all methods. Visa, Mastercard, Electron and Maestro are excellent credit and debit methods when you choose your roulette deposit option.


Electronic wallet

You may be wondering what an electronic wallet is and why it is a good option for roulette players who want to make a deposit. PayPal and ecoPayz are two of the most popular options not only for casinos, but also for everyday purchases. E-wallets are extremely safe and even add an extra layer of security to the payment process, which means that you never have to worry about where your money is.

Deposit Withdrawal - Banking Options


This is a method that may not be available everywhere you play roulette, but which we recommend that you use if you have the opportunity. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin are a safe, secure and, above all, ultra-fast banking option for those who don't like to bother with the processing times of their deposits and withdrawals. All deposits or withdrawals that you request to play roulette must be instant with cryptocurrencies.

Online roulette bonuses

Bonuses are one of the most exciting elements of the roulette game. They often give a considerable boost to your bankroll and allow you to maximize your deposits and your income. When it comes to the most popular roulette bonuses, there are a few that we like to make sure our players keep an eye on.

The first and usually the most advantageous is the welcome bonus. This is usually a direct match bonus that can be used to play roulette as much as you want. No deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and loyalty bonuses are also very useful when you are looking to play online roulette. Finally, if you like to play live roulette, keep an eye out for live casino bonuses. These can be used to play live games with a real dealer and other players.

1-minute guide to online roulette

  • Choose one of the reputable online roulette casinos on our list.
  • Carefully consider the game variant that suits you best.
  • Practice for free before playing for real money.
  • Study the different bets before playing your first match.
  • Set a bet limit for yourself and stick to it.


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