December 25, 2018

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New Heart of Davie Village sign on Davie Street

Photo Credit To @RichTweets, @LumiereYVR

We Just Love It!

Lumiere Vancouver has installed the “Heart of Davie Village” sign on Davie Street. It is a tribute to the inclusive and diverse community that the West End of Vancouver is.

It is not yet confirmed to be a permanent fixture in Davie Village. There are a few hurdles to overcome and the West End BIA is working towards making this a permanent thing. Issues like insurance, and the fact it sits on private property, are a few details that need to be finalized to make this permanent.

Sign this petition to show your support to make this a permanent thing. This petition will be shared with the City of Vancouver and the West End BIA.

Created by artist Jim Balakshin and curated by Wil Aballe, the sign is dedicated to the recorded history of “gay villages” which have played an important role in increasing visibility and acceptance of the LGBTQ2+ community.

Davie Village has been a gathering place for the LGBTQ2+ community for decades, and became a safe space where members of the community find safety and support.

The “Heart of Davie Village” gateway sign will be a beacon for the community and represents the reorganizing of hetero-normative spaces into more welcoming and safe landscapes, according to the sign installed by Lumiere Vancouver.

The “Heart of Davie Village” is a recognition of the historical geography of Davie Village and the contributions of the community towards the political advancements of LGBTQ2+ rights across the country.

Thank you West End BIA for your unwavering support of the community and in particular the LGBTQ2+ community.

Our gratitude to Lumiere Vancouver, @LumiereYVR
Artist, Jim Balakshin @jimbalakshin
Curator, Wil Aballe @waapart


images: from Lumiere Vancouver Twitter: courtesy of @RichTweets, @LumiereYVR

Post source : Lumiere YVR, West End BIA

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