July 08, 2020

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Turing’s Law Takes Effect in UK

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Up to 50 Thousand Men Pardoned

Thousands of gay and bisexual men posthumously pardoned because of Turing’s Law.

The Crime Bill received Royal Assent from the Queen. The Bill also pardons people who are still alive, but they must apply for the pardon.

For many this is a great step forward but for some it is simply not enough. Many men also want a proper apology.

UK-based LGBT charity Stonewall said of the news: “This is significant. And it’s as important to the whole lesbian, gay, bi and trans community, as it is for the gay and bi men affected. The more equality is enshrined into our law books, the stronger our equality becomes, and the stronger we as a community become.

“Earlier this month the Government issued a clear and powerful apology to every gay and bi man who had been unjustly criminalized for being who they are.

“This is not just equality for gay and bi men; the passing of this law is justice.”


Until 1967, homosexual acts between men were illegal in England. Alan Turing, whom the law is named after, was mathematician and was a key figure in decoding the Nazi enigma machine which lead to the defeat of the Nazi’s. Turing is credited as making a significant contribution to end World War 2.

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