April 22, 2018

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Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson: His word on gender politics

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True to GC’s hard-hitting journalistic mandate, we put the same dangerous questions before the Mayor of Edmonton, Don Iveson, as we had his unsuspecting Calgary counterpart:


“We used to have a dog. We had a border terrier, and I think I would like to have a border terrier again one day.”

Mayor Iveson then decides to tackle the next of our infamous GC formalized mayor questions: What is the vulnerability point, in gender politics, that you would like to address (relatively safely) here?

“Our [city] council, at one time, had gender parity in the early ’90s and, at the time, we had a female mayor. Six male councillors, six female councillors, and a female mayor. So the majority of the council was female in that case. Typically, the UN-sponsored ‘best practice’ goals that most nations and communities are trying to get to, is 30 per cent representation. Lots of studies suggest that that is the minimum threshold you need in order to have critical mass: some safety for (a group) to participate and have their voice sufficiently amplified.

“Right now, in Edmonton, we have one female councillor, 11 male city councillors – and I’m obviously a man – so that means our council certainly does not reflect the diversity of the city.”

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Post source : Carey Rutherford, GayCalgary® Magazine

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