November 15, 2019

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Terror and Evil towards LGBTQ Russians

Whats happening  in Russia is shocking and horrifying as this is the 10th year that a ban on protests for gay rights has taken place and has been squashed by police ending in violence and arrests. Things have gotten a lot worse since the Russian propaganda law came into effect in 2013.

Blaming a minority group for the country’s ill’s proves that Russia remains in the dark ages. One can look at the aggressive nature of Russian politics since Putin took the reigns and make comparison to some of history’s worst leaders.

Several countries have the death penalty just for being gay. All it takes is someone to accuse you and your your life will be terminated. In Russia picking on gays and attacking them is encouraged in politics and in society in general leaving LGBT people stuck in this no where zone.  No where to turn and little hope of things getting better many live in silence.

There were about 20 arrests and apparently some anti gay protesters where arrested as well. Can you imagine this happening in the west? We have marriage rights in Canada and soon we hope right across the US as well. Many US states have moved forward allowing marriage and banning conversion therapy (another horror story).

Recently President Obama declared that LGBT rights are a priority for the US and that the US will work hard to push this message and to stand there for LGBT people around the world. We still have a long way to go to get anywhere near having equal rights in the world but here at home in Vancouver, BC life is pretty good. We are valued and cared for by our leaders and governments.

How is it that in Vancouver we have an annual parade and our police, both local and RCMP march in that parade and are cheered by almost 750,000 people on the parade route. If you haven’t ever experienced the police marching in a pride parade it is common in Canada. The police are proud to march and you can see it in their faces. The broad smiles and grins as applause never stop till they stop marching. All along the route people begin applauding as soon as they see the scarlet tunics appear. It makes you very proud to be Canadian and very proud of our Vancouver Police and our RCMP.  Young people in Canada are diverse like never before in our history and the world is changing.  It boils down to LOVE.

In Canada many politicians march as well, except for the homophobic ones.  Prime Minster Stephen Harper has never marched, participated or even given kind words on Pride days anywhere that I can think of.  Our Mayor, our MP, our MLA, our Premier, the leader of the NDP and not long ago Jack Layton, and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau all march in Pride parades. Everyone except our Prime Minister.

If I was to see Harper march in a pride parade I think I would fall over dead!

Meanwhile in Russia it’s like the dark ages. Andrey Borodulin posted the above video on YouTube. He is a former banker and head of the Russian Bank and now is an activist and advocate.

The council for global equality has rated Russia 49 out of 49 for LGBT rights in Europe.

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